Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ya'll are geniuses!

A dimmer in the nursery?! GENIUS!

This is why I come to you! That is a great idea and not one I would have thought about. The question is, does an electrician have to install it? Or, is it supposedly pretty easy DIY?

Katherine, will you ask Eric? He's smart...and very handy!

Remember the previous post where I outlined the time line for the nursery? I started with the furniture being delivered in May and worked backwards to early April when Hubs needs to have all of the existing furniture moved out?

Well, scratch that! The furniture place called today and well, the furniture arrived!

The good news? Our furniture arrived!

The bad news? We have SO MUCH to do in the next two weeks. The furniture is being delivered AND set up on Sat, March 27th. Holy cow. We'll have baby furniture by April. That's nuts :)

Luckily, I had already planned on taking off work today so I'm Facebooking and blogging spending time cleaning out the room, throwing out a bunch of stuff, and getting all of the shelves and such cleaned off so Hubs and crew can move the furniture whenever they're ready next week.

I'm also trying to clean up the rest of the house because the in-laws are coming into town this weekend for our niece's birthday and our house is a disaster area. It's embarrassing. Just ask Amy :) She came by a few days ago to drop off some baby loot (including a book that she bought just for us!) and Hubs hid in the basement b/c he was too embarrassed to be seen in the house. Whatever. I can either do my hair and wear makeup every day or we can have a clean house. Take your pick; You can't have both.

Now,there is stuff everywhere and it's driving me nuts. I don't have the energy to get things done after work, so every month I'm working 4 longer days one week and taking the first Tues of the month off to help get stuff done 'round here.

I spend a few hours in the morning running errands and organizing the day. Then I spend the rest of the time executing the to-do list. And hopefully, I don't keep adding things to the list mid-day. I'm notorious for doing that!

I'm feeling good. Because I've been up and about today, moving around, and being quite physical, my gagging has picked up again. But, it's just me at home, so I just let 'er rip. No point in trying to contain it like I usually do.

My ankles are puffy, but I'm staying really well hydrated and I'm taking rest breaks every few hours.

Alright, back to work!

Until next time, XOXO...


  1. Well if the furniture had to come early, that is a very good day for it to come don't you think? ;)

  2. Completely DIY! Purchased it at Lowe's. If you have more questions about it, please email - I don't know specifics of how to install it, but I know it wasn't rocket science! Eric can give you specifics.

    Yay for furniture being delivered early!

  3. You are really getting a lot done! That's great because then in the last 3 months you can just relax and wait for your baby to show up.

  4. Dimmer switch - DIY! I did the one in my dining room with a little help from a friend.
    I have one or two ideas but need to think about them a little more.

  5. How are you doing? Any more updates?

  6. Installing a dimmer switch is very much a DIY project. I have already done one in the house for our hallway. and have managed to swap out a few outlets and light switches. I would suggest getting a none-energy efficient bulb since the dimmable version tends to run on the pricey side plus they dont dim as much as I would like, so baby bubs definitely wont be crazy about it. Simply kill power to the nursery, remove old light switch and note where each wire is located (up or lower side), install new dimmer switch with same orientation of wires, screw in, restore power, install light bulb, turn on and dim away!

  7. Oh, yeah! The dimmer is a great idea... I had one in both of the kid's rooms and it was nice to use in the middle of the night for feedings. Although, I guess they look pretty cool once the baby gets a little older, because Jack used to not want to nurse and just wanted to stare at them. LOL So now we have to nurse in the complete dark. He's such a goofy kid. :)

    Your house does not look that bad. Don't stress! And I had to LOL that Craig was hiding because he was embarrassed. What a goofball. SO glad that your furniture has arrived early!! You'll love having your furniture in there so that you can go in there, sit down and imagine loving on your baby. Ahhhhh... good memories. :)