Friday, March 5, 2010

I threw up

I threw up 4 times yesterday. But, as Hubs says, it was only "one episode."

I didn't realize there was a distinction :)

This week was a great pregnancy week.
  1. I didn't have any headaches :)
  2. I only gagged a few times each day (very little on Wed and Thurs)
  3. I ate fairly well (excluding the donut and McDonalds incident)
  4. I did water aerobics on Tuesday with the BFF and it was wonderful
  5. I walked for 20 mins last night outside with Cooper
  6. I took my pills every day this week
And then I threw up yesterday morning. Blah. Right into the sink. I won't go into any more details, except to say that I had to explain to Hubs that yes, it was baby related (he asked if it was due to morning, thats a yes).

Here's why he wondered, though.

Because my gagging had subsided recently, I thought I was getting past that particular symptom. But then yesterday morning, I ate a bagel and drank 2 glasses of milk for breakfast. Within 20 mins of finishing breakfast, I started feeling ill. At first I thought it was the usual, "I'm going to gag," but then I felt my stomach muscles contracting and quickly wondered if I was actually going to get sick.

And then I did. In the sink because the toilet was too far away.

So, Hubs wondered if it was truly morning sickness or if it was b/c I drank milk.

I didn't drink milk on Wed and Thurs (that I can recall) and my gagging was minimal.

Today, I drink milk and 20 mins later, I got sick.

Correlation? Or causation?

I think it's causation and therefore, I will probably be avoiding milk. I think being pregnant has caused my body to not handle milk as it once did. So, was it pure morning sickness? No, but was it due to being pregnant, yes.


I feel like an alcoholic that is admitting I have a problem. It doesn't feel right giving up milk. I drink at least 1.5-2 gallons/week.

But, if thats whats making me gag, I will gladly give it up. No question about it.

Water aerobics was really fun and just what I needed. I used my new YMCA membership and the BFF and her family make an evening out of it, so I was grateful that they put up with me intruding on their family night.

My bathing suit fit and it felt so good to just float in the water and pretend like I was doing under water movements with my legs :)

It's a weekly event, so we'll be back on Tues evening.

Work is still stressful, so I'm taking extra care to relax during my down time. On Tues and Wed, I came home and didn't watch TV and didn't get online. I just crawled into the recliner with a good book (Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster- hysterical!).

Not sure how much we'll get accomplished this weekend around the house (except for the normal cleaning routine). At some point, though, we really need to clean out the nursery. I doubt Bub wants to start his/her life off in the daybed that currently occupies the space where the crib is slated to go.

But, the furniture doesn't arrive until mid-May, so I keep thinking we have plenty of time.

The reality is, though, I'm almost 16 weeks and time is FLYING by without my permission. Weeks come and go and I can't believe how much is left to do.

I'm torn between doing so much now that I don't have anything left to do the last two months (when I might need something to do to help the time pass quickly) or putting too much off and then not having the energy (or ability) to get stuff done so then I'd be stressed the last few months.

I need to find that happy medium. And I will. I always do.

My next appt is this coming Friday. It should be a relatively short, quick, and simple appt. We'll hear the heartbeat, pee in the cup, take measurements, and then schedule our 20 week ultrasound! We'll finally get to see Bubs!

Thanks for all of the great tips you all left in the comments section and also sent to me via email. They've given me a lot to think about.

Until then, XOXO...


  1. Sorry you're pukey. Have you thought about trying other milks? Like almond or soy?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I went through a period where milk didn't agree with me at all. I never actually got sick but I would definitely not feel so good. And you know, like you, I normally drink a ton of milk. So I stuck to mostly water (since I couldn't have my chai either!). It was temporary though. By the third trimester I was making up for it too, drinking a gallon every 3-4 days.

    Oh, one more comment - at one point I tried a milkshake thinking it might be different, but it wasn't... I took two sips and handed it back to Doug. So avoid those too for a little bit.

  3. Whether the milk is causing it or not, it sure isn't fun to throw up. Anything dairy coming back up is disgusting, and puking is already gross. I had that happen with yogurt. Blech.

  4. I was going to mention milk alternatives, too. We just recently started drinking almond milk and it is SOOO yummy. Duncan loves it! Plus, no cholesterol because it's not from an animal, so that's a plus. :o) We buy the Silk brand.