Saturday, March 13, 2010

And then it happened

This was a great week to be pregnant! Although it hit a rough patch, it ended on the highest of notes.

I feel good. I had this big long post planned out in my head about the craziness we endured on Wed evening, but I've decided to minimize the negative and focus on the positive.

Wed evening highlights: puked on the bedspread, two rounds of prenatal pills, bedspread in the washing machine which triggered the circuit breaker to flip off, no power in our bedroom Wed night, Hubs cleaned up a washing machine gone wild, battery powered alarm clock died.

I slept great! And Hubs is my hero for cleaning and fixing while I kept falling asleep mid-crisis.

I ate ZERO protein on Wed, which I sense played a large part of the late evening pukeness. I didn't intentionally avoid meat. It just happened that everything I ate during the day was healthy veggies :)

Veggies taste SO GOOD to me right now. Truth be told, I could probably live on Imo's side salads and Subway Veggie subs for the next 5 months :) Yum.

Onto more important things: WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET BUBS!! We had our 16 (well, almost 17 week) appt on Friday. Hubs and I were reluctant to ask for the ultrasound but my lovely mom went with us and she asked.

You see, I have this thing about not wanting to be "that" patient. It's hard to describe and people think I'm crazy, but I don't want to be the high maintenance patient that has a set of demands at every visit. I don't want to call the doctors office at the smallest sign of a potential problem (that's what my mom, Jennie, Debbie, Martha, Amy, and well, all of my friends are for) and I just want to be a good, easy going, low maintenance patient. My dad is also pretty well known in the community and I'm always aware of the fact that if I ask for something "extra," people can misinterpret that as me thinking I'm entitled to it b/c of who I am. And, I'm not like that, at all. Call me crazy, but I just want to be another patient on the doctors schedule.

Having said that, we REALLY wanted to see Bubs. We had gone 16 weeks without seeing Bubs and we certainly could have waited another 3-4 week until the REAL U/S, but my patience was wearing thin (I guess I really am "that" patient, I just don't want to be perceived that way :) ).

Initially, Hubs hadn't planned on being at this appt. When we scheduled it, we knew it would be a very routine, very quick visit. Hubs is a busy psychologist so anytime he's not at work seeing patients, I feel a little guilty so I gave him the a-OKay to skip this visit. As the visit neared, I realized I never want to attend an OB appt alone. As much as it SHOULD be a routine visit, you just never know, so I asked the next best thing to my husband to mom. She's awesome and always puts me at ease so I was very glad she could go with me.

A few days before our appt, my BFF had her OB appt and they couldn't find the heartbeat, so they did another U/S. I told this to Hubs and he began thinking, "what if they want to do an U/S at our appt and I'm not there...." so he rescheduled a few patients and made it to the appt.

I may have dropped a few hints to my mom that maybe she should inquire as to the possibility of seeing Bubs during this appt. And, she happily obliged! As it turns out, she and my dad will be on vacation during our 20 week appt and the REAL U/S, so she politely asked Dr. T if Gramma could see the baby today since they won't be here during the next appt. Dr. T graciously agreed and well: World, meet Bubs :)

Many of you know how awesome this experience is- after nearly 17 weeks of knowing you have this baby inside you, it is unreal to finally be able to SEE the life you've created. It's amazing (and ya'll know I don't use that word liberally).

My blood pressure at the appt was perfect, again (120/77). Seriously, it doesn't get any better than that. Again, I can thank my friend, Magnesium, for the healthy heart and the efficient muscles that are helping me through the physical changes.

I also got online to Target and set up a baby registry. We'll eventually go into the store and use the scanning gun to fine tune the list, but to be honest, I'm kinda dreading that part. You see, one of the few fights Hubs and I have ever had occurred during our wedding registry process. It didn't have anything to do with the scanning gun, but more of the fact that Hubs, who is normally pretty indecisive, all of a sudden had an opinion about, well, damn near everything. Where was the easy going, indecisive gentleman I had been dating for 6+ years? :)

(In case you're wondering, the only other big arguments in our nearly 12 year relationship involve Brown Bagger (a former friend of mine) and White Castle.)

I figure if I can keep our baby registry list updated online, we can minimize any potential differences of opinion and remain married during the pregnancy :)

Of course, I'm not kidding. Hubs has already given great input into our purchases thus far (mainly the furniture), so I'm confident we'll make it through the baby registry without any major uprisings.

Oh, as an update on the nursery, we've decided to switch baby rooms. We originally were going to use the smaller room for the nursery, but Hubs talked me into using the bigger room. It makes more sense and will require less moving and rearranging (over the next few years). We spent this morning cleaning out the closets and deciding where the existing furniture will ultimately end up. Now Hubs just needs to bribe ask our male friends for a few hours of their time one day so we can get it all moved about the house. With the three males he has in mind, it'll take just an hour or so to get it all moved.

The furniture arrives in May, so the room needs to be ready by the end of April. We already have some of those weekends committed to social events, so time seems to be limited. I'm not sure Hubs realizes that is just around the corner ;)

I'd like some of your thoughts on the set up of the nursery, but I'll address that in the next post.

In the meantime, I have a favor to ask. I know several people in the trying to conceive process who could use some prayers. Having been in their position for some time, my heart goes out to them. The testing, the doctor visits, waiting on results, wondering why your body isn't acting like it is a very draining process. We know it well. Those friends and their situations are never far from my mind. Please say a quick prayer that their faith be strong and their prayers be heard. It would mean a lot to me if you'd do that.

Until next time, XOXO....


  1. Ok - where to start.

    First - prayer going out to those who need them the most.

    Second - so my room is now becoming a nursery! AJ was all set to move into a crate next to Coop - am I?

    Bub's furniture matches Cathy and Scott's. Great taste.

    Baby registry, Baby schmegestry! I'm way ahead of you. Just keep your mailbox empty!

    Hugs to BUC and Donut! Coop, move over!


  2. Okay, I cheated and went to and looked up your registry. :)

    I didn't know Target carried The Miracle Blanket! Awesome!! That was the only thing we swaddled Jack with... it's amazing! And your bedding is absolutely adorable. But I should have known that it would be. :) You'll have to ask your other friends if they had a mobile and if they liked it. I'm curious to see if I am the only one who thinks it's a waste of money!

    You are so right about the lack of protein causing vomiting. I finally figured that out when I was pregnant with Jack... and I think that's why it sounded so much better to have a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit in the morning rather than a bowl of cereal. Cereal was the devil and made me ralph!!! So there, my fast-food addiction was justified. :) But I had to laugh when you said Imo's side salads were a craving for you. I was the exact same way!! Although I also had the garlic cheese bread... and usually some toasted ravioli too... LOL.

    Bubs is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to rub his or her sweet little round head!

    And on a final note, I have lots of friends who went through infertility as well... it's heartbreaking. Prayers for your friends!

  3. Get TWO Miracle Blankets!!! You thought the puke on the comforter was a crisis. Wait until your Miracle Blanket is dirty (choose your cause) and it's almost nap or bedtime. CRISIS! I only had one with Owen, I will not make that mistake again :)

  4. Bubs is so cute! Yay! I can't wait to meet him/her.

  5. So exciting that you got to finally see your baby!! I love ultrasounds!