Monday, March 8, 2010

Bubs gets a gift!

Look what Shennie made for Bubs! How beautiful is this blanket? Bubs is going to love it!

We came home later than usual tonight (we had dinner plans with friends) and there was a package sitting on the porch.

Bubs loves getting packages, especially when they contain homemade gifts :)

Thank you Aunt Sher!!

In other news, I am uncomfortably stuffed right now. I ate a baked potato for dinner, drank 3 glasses of lemonade and had 1/2 of a small piece of chocolate cake. And I.AM.FULL.

I'm guessing Bubs must be making its way north for the spring because I feel very full for having eaten so little food (although, it was all carbacious food).

Speaking of Bubs, at 15 weeks, Bubs was likened to a Kit Kat bar by one of the books we're reading. Ummmm, kit kat bar. YUM.

Now, at 16 weeks, Bubs is the size of a mascara tube. Or an avocado, depending on which book you read. I used to like knowing which food Bubs looked like, but then I found myself wanting to eat that particular food and I got freaked out. So now I prefer to know which non-edible item Bubs most resembles :)

Can't wait for the appt on Friday. Just hearing the heartbeat again will be a big deal for us.

Hubs can't make the appt, he has patients scheduled. Mom is coming, though. I'm pretty sure Dr. T would do an ultrasound with my mom there (they're friends), but I'm going to decline since Hubs won't be there, too. We'll just wait patiently until our 20 week ultrasound which should be around April 9th.

Until then, XOXO...


  1. Glad Bubs likes it. It was fun to make. #2 is on the needles. Love you guys.

  2. So excited for you! Gifts are awesome!

  3. Aunt know I'm expecting after these babies get here either something matching or something coordinating to be made for them because they will either be best friends or husband & wife :)

  4. I thought the easily full thing was just me! I'll be starving and can barely eat anything before I'm stuffed, then I'll be starving again 2 hours later. I know you haven't had much morning sickness, but if you know of anything to combat it please let me know! I'm tired of it now.

    Do you think your mom could take a video of you hearing the heartbeat? I would love to hear it! That's all I imagine every night and day, that lub lub lub that's going to break my heart. So I would be honored if you let us experience that with you.