Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cooper, the first Baby Lotz

Recently, I learned that 76% of Americans treat their dog as a member of the family. We are no different.

Cooper was our first baby. Remember how stinking cute he was??

I know that some families send their dogs to stay somewhere else the first few days after they return home from the hospital following the birth of a child. I think this is very reasonable. There seems to be enough to worry about with a new baby at home, no need to add another layer of responsibility with the dog.

I've thought about what to do with Cooper during those first few days home (well, and also what to do with him while we're in the hospital). At this point, I can't imagine Cooper NOT being home with us, especially during the first few days.

You see, Coop is a great dog. He minds when he should, he doesn't eat things he's not supposed to eat, he doesn't go to the bathroom in the house; he just gives love. Lots and lots of love.

I think that if, during our hospital stay, Cooper is at Doggy Day Camp, he'll not only get to have his fun, but he'll be pretty tired when we get home from the hospital with the babes. After a stay at camp, he is still alert and full of love, but he's more relaxed and calm that usual. I think this state of mind will be the ideal way for our two babies to be introduced.

We've heard two suggestions to help transition Cooper:
  1. Bring a blanket home from the hospital that has Bubs scent on it and let Cooper get used to Bubs smell from that
  2. At the first meeting, keep bubs in the bucket carrier, covered up with a blanket, except for her/his toes. Let Cooper sniff and explore Bubs and also lick Bubs feet. Teach Cooper not to lick Bubs anywhere else (for now) except on those little toes.
Both of those seem like great suggestions. Cooper is a big dog, but he can be a gentle giant, especially when Hubs is around.

I think Cooper is going to be Bubs biggest fan.

Cooper is also going to be a big help during the midnight feedings. Right now, when I have trouble sleeping and I head downstairs for a few hours, Cooper comes with me. It always makes me feel safer and reminds me that I'm not alone. (Side note: with as much alone time as I had at night when Hubs lived in Omaha and I slept alone every night in our big house, you'd think I wouldn't mind being home alone. I don't really mind it, but I don't prefer it.)

I imagine that when I get up to feed Bubs, Cooper will come in and lay down next to the recliner to keep us company. He's going to be a great big brother.

So for now, the plan is for Cooper to be at home when we arrive with the bundle of Bubs. (That is subject to change, however, as we approach D day)

Also, I'm fully preparing myself for the event that Bubs is a boy and I'm the only female in the entire house. I think that would entitle me to mani/pedis for life.

On the other hand, if Bubs is a girl, that's another mani/pedi entitlement because it would for sure be a great way to bond with her.

Either way, I'm securing mani/pedis for life. Guaranteed.

I'm just sayin'...

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  1. Cute! Coop will love Bubs and Bubs will love Coop, no doubt.

    Um, so where's that belly pic you promised (not that I need to see it, but some of your out of state friends might appreciate it...) :)