Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Nursery-- any tips??

My plan over the next 4 weeks is to clean out the soon-to-be nursery. We got a great start yesterday morning, but all that really involved was moving stuff out of the closets in the big room into the closet in the little room.

Here are some current pics (I took these after we started cleaning out the closets, which is why there is crap everywhere):

Part of my to-do list strategy is creating timelines in which to accomplish certain things. I work backwards from the event and plan accordingly. As such, the nursery time line is:

  • Furniture is delivered sometime in May, which means the room needs to be cleaned out, cleaned up, painted, prepped, etc by then
  • Carpet cleaning is scheduled for May 1
  • Touch-up painting happens prior to carpet cleaning, but the new blinds need to be installed before paining, so [the new] blinds need to be hung no later than April 25th
  • The existing furniture needs to be moved out NLT April 25th too
So my question is, are there things we should be thinking about when planning furniture placement in the room?

We have four pieces of furniture: crib, tall dresser, bureau/changing table, and an oversized recliner.

Does one piece need to be positioned near another for efficiency's sake?

Any other nursery tips to share??

Until next time, XOXO...


  1. Assuming you'll be doing middle of the night and bedtime feedings in the baby's room, maybe have the chair near some sort of small table and light source. You may also want the dresser close to the changing table so you can reach stuff without having to move the kid if they puke or crap all over whatever they are currently wearing. From personal experience, just make sure the crib is far enough away from the light switch in the room for when the kid is old enough (and tall enough) to play with the lights instead of napping. :)

  2. When we were thinking about Becca's room, we made sure to put her crib on an inside wall, that way she wouldn't be in the coldest/hottest part of the room.

    Make sure the crib is at least three feet away from the cord of the blinds (which shouldn't be a problem if you put the crib on an inside wall).

    I recommend putting a tall touch light behind the recliner, I wish I had one in Becca's room.

    I recommend registering for baskets to put things under the crib (like crib sheets, waterproof sheets, and blankets).

    Don't hang anything on the wall that your child might be able to reach once they get tall enough. You did really well with hanging the Winnie wall hangings in Becca's room, she can't reach any of them. :)

    Make sure you don't put the crib over a heat/AC vent (it'll make the baby too hot/cold and possible mess up the wood of the crib).

    Perhaps you could put the dresser in one of the closets in that room? That way you have more wall space to put up a bookshelf/toy organizer.

    Um, if I think of anything else, I'll let you know. :) Love you!!!!

  3. I recommend installing a dimmer on the light switch. It's one of the best things we did - that way when I go in for night feedings/changings, I can keep the light extremely low.

    As far as placement, our nursery is pretty tiny, so we didn't have as many options as you do! We only have a crib and a changing table that doubles as a dresser, and a glider, and we have plenty of space for everything - the clothes aren't that big. :o) I agree with what everyone has said, though.

  4. I agree with the dimmer! I wish we had done that in Owen's room.

  5. Dimmer is a must!!

    I like putting the crib near the door so that I can peak in without waking the baby by walking in her room. Did I just say baby...the baby that will be 3 tomorrow. THREE!!

  6. Just a reminder that your since your nursery is going to be upstairs way away from the kitchen, you might want to replicate some of the things upstairs so that you don't have to truck all over the house in the middle of the night. One of those fridge/micro combos might be handy. You can always put it in the second closet out of the way, but it'll save you lots of flights of stairs. Just a thought.

  7. Check with Robin, I think she has a bottle cooler/warmer combo that she used for Aidan, but now for Makenna, so she might still have it. My guess is, she'll probably just give it to you.