Saturday, March 27, 2010

I feel good/A historic day

Duhna-nuh-nuh-nun-nuh-nuh. I knew that I would.

Sorry for the lack of blogging. It's either all or nothing with me :) The good thing is that I have at least 3 posts ready to write, so hang on!

These last few weeks have been good, although very, very busy. I feel good. The gagging has really subsided. Occasionally I'll still get a good gag to come up, but for the most part, it's few and far between.

Sleeping is becoming a challenge thanks for heartburn (which I've never had in my entire life) and my absolute fear of sleeping on my back (apparently after the 4th month, you're not supposed to sleep flat on your back).

I don't really have any acne and although the ankle swelling started a few weeks ago, I'm really staying hydrated and that helps tremendously.

Today, for the first time ever, a total stranger asked me when I'm due :)

I promise to get a belly pick up tomorrow.

The "big" ultrasound is scheduled for April 8th (Craig's dad's birthday!). Even though we're not finding out the sex, it'll be so nice to see Bubs again and spend more time with him/her.

The past week was very busy. Although the furniture wasn't scheduled to arrive until May, I got a call last Tuesday stating it came in and they needed to deliver it as soon as possible. The in-laws were in town last week, so we scheduled the delivery for today. Hubs stayed home in anticipation of the 11:30am arrival, however the company called and there was a problem with the delivery truck, so they rescheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) at the same time.

I was bummed since Hubs got up early today to finish preparing the room, but at least now it's ready! Remember how the nursery looked just a week ago??

Well, here it is now after much TLC from Hubs (and help from Matt and Ben):

Nice, huh?

Today was a great day. I picked up the BFF for some early morning resale shopping at the local college. We got there later than most, so many of the large ticket items were gone, but I scored several packs of onesies in various sizes. I actually wasn't interested in the big ticket items, I'm saving those for the registry :)

After the consignment sale, she VERY KINDLY offered to go to Babies'R'Us with me to walk around and give me any advice I'd like on various baby items and registry needs. It was TREMENDOUSLY helpful! I took 2.5 pages of notes. She gave me suggestions on how many of each item to register for, lots of tips on diaper changing tips for both at home and when we're out and about, and a small list of items to steal borrow from the hospital after delivery.

Most importantly, I got to spend time with my BFF and learn more about how to be a good mom. She and her husband are wonderful parents and I really appreciate the time she's spending with me, giving me insights into parenting. I realize that you're never fully prepared for life after the birth, but in talking with her, I feel more comfortable with things.

We enjoyed a quiet lunch at Red Robin before we both headed home for the afternoon.

It was a really good day.

Oh yea...and mark this day on your calendar: I did my first load of baby laundry today:

We've been so blessed to receive gently used items from many people so I decided that with the furniture coming tomorrow, I could get a load ready to fill up the dresser drawers :)

In my next post, I'll show you all of the things we've already received from friends and family! Warning: the cuteness is almost too much to handle!

Until then, XOXO...

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