Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 23

Tomorrow, we'll be 23 weeks! I can't even believe it.

I feel great! Although I could use some more energy, I'm not complaining. After all, there are two of us dependent on this one body for life. I still think it's pretty amazing that right now, there's a small baby doll growing inside this belly. The baby books and websites have stopped comparing Bubs to food items (finally!) they liken Bubs to the size of a small baby doll. Since I have no desire to eat small baby dolls, that works just fine for me.

I spent a few minutes in the nursery today. The gifts have kept on coming- which is crazy amazing.

Our good friends Amy and Jon gave us TONS of baby gear- all of which is gender neutral. Among such items were:

Did you see that? It's an entire Graco travel system!

Not pictured were 3 papason-type floor seats/rockers, a bumbo w/ tray, a beautiful nursing cover/hooter hider, an exersaucer, the two bases for the bucket seat, changing pad w/ removable cover, a large activity mat, and a Boppy brand tummy time mat with mini boppy. Unbelievable! We are SO thankful for having received these items! They're in great shape and if you didn't know any better, you'd walk into our house and think we had 2 babies already :) We are so blessed to have amazing family and friends that are giving us stuff!

My mom has also stepped in and well, 'nough said:

(Speaking of which, while we're not sharing baby names that are in serious consideration, I'm more than happy to share names that Hubs immediately ruled out...mainly Peyton, Indy, or Colt. He's no fun, is he? And, for the record, I would seriously name a boy any of those.)

Janette, a gal I work with, and her husband Ryan gave us this Eddie Bauer BRAND NEW bucket seat w/ base (her son used it a handful of times and you can't even tell):

Robin M practically took me shopping in their basement two weekends ago and I walked away with quite a bit of loot- including a Boppy for me and several baby girl items to pass onto my BFF (who found out that she's having a GIRL!).

Finally, one of my best friends at work, Susie, gave me a bag full of adorable baby clothes. If they weren't drying in the dryer right now, I'd post pics of those too. Also included in the bag were still-in-the-package medicine droppers/spoons, still-in-the-package rattle slippers, and a few other baby items.

I don't intend for all of my posts to be about material items, but it is SO overwhelming (in the best way possible) to feel the love that our family and friends have for our unborn child. You KNOW you have good friends, but when they're just as excited about your baby as you are, then it makes an already amazing experience even more so.

Tomorrow is 23 weeks. This means that tonight, just after Hubs and I have crawled into bed and settled in nicely under the covers, he'll reach for the baby book and read about the 23rd week. We'll laugh about the symptoms I still haven't experienced (larger boobs), take comfort in those I have (headaches and gagging), and learn about what Bubs will be up to over the next few days. Then, Hubs will turn off the lamp next to his side of the bed, scoot over to my side of the bed (dodging both body pillows), kiss my forehead and say, "night momma, night Bubs."

Then I'll fall asleep and have my 6th dream that Bubs is a [insert gender here].

(And Hubs will comment under his breath about how he'd better fall asleep before me lest my snoring keeps him up.)

Until then, XOXO...


  1. I loved our bumbo chair. We'd put Erick in the middle of the dining room table while we were eating!

    I'm still so excited for you!

  2. Thank God there is a sane one in that family!

  3. How do you find these baby flea markets and swaps and such? We're going to be needing, well, everything. Lol.