Friday, April 2, 2010

The one about swelling

Over the past week, I've had some real problems with my feet swelling.

I'm drinking 100+ oz of water while at work, but the shoes I've been wearing aren't pregnancy friendly. Today, I wore tennis shoes to work and my feet didn't swell (my ankles did, but the feet didn't).

Today, my friend Jill gave me knee high hospital grade compression stockings.

I put them on right when I got home from work and they're fabulous!

Can you tell that my L ankle is much more swollen than the right? There is something wrong with my L foot. While I was training for my first 5K, my L foot fell asleep every time I ran. It was totally, completely asleep. Dead weight.

Knowing that, it's not surprising that the L foot now swells more than the R.

I didn't realize how much sodium is in everything. It's ridiculous. Needless to say, I'm coming up with a game plan for how to eat better and avoid sodium as much as I can.

I'm also walking every 45 mins at work, keeping my feet elevated when possible, and wearing better fitting shoes.

Anytime there's swelling, there is also concern about blood pressure. Well, not with me. My BP is still good (130/80) (thank you Magnesium).

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the new blanket Bubs received from Shennie (it is SOOOOO soft) and another belly shot (pinky promise I'll post it).

Until then, XOXO...

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  1. In the last weeks of my last right food would swell...but not my left. I thought I was the weird one.