Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If Bubs is anything like me...

If Bubs is anything like me, then he/she will need about three blankets at a single time.

I am cold All. the. time.

When we're downstairs watching TV at night, I can be found buried under three blankets, sometimes four. The blanket immediately on top of me is a red, very soft (but small) plush blanket from Diel & Forguson (our corporate accounting firm) I got as Christmas gift a few years ago. On top of that lies my really plush and warm JC Penny cuddle wrap. Finally, the top layer is always the pink afghan that Shennie made me a few years ago. It is the PERFECT blanket because it's long enough to cover my entire body (plus some) and it's thick so it keeps me really warm.

If I'm extra cold, I'll throw in my Transy blanket that my little sister gave me after college graduation.

I wear all three blankets every night while watching TV with Hubs.

I was hoping that being pregnant would kick up my internal heater, but not so much (not yet anyway).

It's a good thing that we have wonderful relatives that make blankets for us!!

Here is Bubs latest gift from Shennie. It is SO soft!

It's a yellow blanket that, for now, has taken up residence on the recliner in the nursery.

My older sister, Jennie, also made Bubs a blanket. I think she started it many years ago- which obviously before Bubs was a twinkle in daddy's eyes. How cool is that for Bubs to receive a gift that was made just for him/her years before there was life?

I love homemade gifts. I love gifts that only we can have (which is why I'm placing an order for the homemade bibs that Cheryl made for Violet that have the button to fasten the bib in place.. I tried finding it in her FB photos, but I wasn't patient enough to search through all of her albums).

Alright kids. I'm off work today and I refuse to spend the day in front of the computer :)

Until next time, XOXO...


  1. I made one so far that is ecru are there any other colors or color combination's that you would like?

  2. You can never have too many blankets when you have a baby. I even keep a couple in the car for chilly mornings and when we go to the movies....it is always cold at the movies.

  3. Cheryl- Ecru is perfect. Dark green would be good, too. I think those are so cute.

    Connie- thats a great idea. it is ALWAYS cold at the movies. I should keep one in the car just for me :)

  4. I wish I were always cold. I'm the opposite. I don't think I even wore a jacket this Winter.

    Homemade gifts are sooo special!