Saturday, February 6, 2010

Picture this...

Friday morning I awakened around the usual time and noticed Hubs wasn't in bed. I always get up before him so I laid in bed for a few minutes, listening for movement around the house to see if I could pinpoint his location. After several minutes of silence (I didn't even hear Cooper, which is highly unusual since he usually cold noses my arm in order to get me up), I went into the bathroom thinking he was hanging out there.


So then I headed downstairs into the pitch blackness of the main hallway. No lights were on. At all. I walked into the kitchen where Coop came up to me. I asked Coop where daddy was and he lead me into the dark living room. No lights, not even much coming in from the window. But, I could see him. Hubs was sitting in the rocking recliner near the fireplace just lying there, slightly reclined with his feet up. He had his glasses on and he was just lying there, awake, starring at the ceiling.

I walked over, kissed his forehead and said, "are you feeling OK? why are you up so early?"

He leaned in for a real kiss then said, "couldn't sleep. I'm too excited."

Today we would get to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time.

At our first OB appt several weeks earlier, we had fully anticipated having an ultrasound. Nearly everyone we know got an U/S at their first visit and we didn't think we would be any different. But, as it turned out, no such luck for us-- we walked out of the visit with no actual medical confirmation that we were pregnant.

Fast forward 4 weeks. This morning would be the day we would get that much awaited, highly anticipated confirmation that Bubs was indeed real.

We got to the office about 30 mins early. We were Dr. T's first appointment of the day and he saw us right away. As he walked into the exam room, Dr. T joked that he "didn't have any worms" {for the early birds}.

He came over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "shall we hear the heart beat?"

"Yes, please."

He pulled out his baby ears, pressed them to my belly and instantly found the heart beat. But, before Hubs or I could hear it, it went away. Dr. T said, "did you hear that? That was it!"

"NO! We didn't hear anything" {worry}

"Well, the baby is kicking and moving, so when that happens, we can't hear the heartbeat very well. Hold on just a sec...There it is! Hear it now?"


Hubs was towards the end of the table, down closer to my feet than my mid-section. He closed his eyes, leaned in and....then cracked the biggest smile I've ever seen on him.

{woosh woosh...woosh woosh...woosh woosh}

There it was; Bubs beating heart. My eyes filled with tears and I'll never forget the look on Hubs face the second he heard it too.

Hubs connected with Bubs right then and I'll always remember that moment. I'm sure it's one of many sweet, sweet moments I'll see them share.

The rest of the visit was great. Actually, it was perfect. Literally, perfect. Dr. T said all of my lab work came back "totally perfect." Nothing was even a little off. He said that "even for a pregnant woman," my labs are perfect. I'm very proud of that! (Dr. T might call it genetics; I call it "Vitamin D")

Those tears are the only ones I've shed thus far. I am quite surprised at how in-check these hormones seem to be. I wonder if that's likely to keep up?

Oh, and my next post will be what supplements I'm taking. Besides "how far along are you," the other most commonly asked question has been what pills/supplements I'm on now that I'm pregnant. I know you're excited to find out :)

Until then....


  1. I had to LOL at Dr. T's joke... he comes up with the craziest stuff!! Just wait until you are in labor and he starts cracking them. LOL! LOVE that man!

  2. Super Sweet! I totally cried for you and I can't attribute my tears to pregnancy.

  3. What does it say about my hormones that I'm sitting here bawling? I'm so excited for you and Craig!!

  4. I'm all teary eyed now too... Knowing how long you guys have been waiting for this, and not wanting to get your hopes up only to have them dashed and then the absolute wave of love that comes over you when you hear that whoosh whoosh... I'm crying again!!!! Love you guys!!!

  5. That's so sweet.

    I was actually much less emotional while I was pregnant too. I had fully anticipated daily crying sessions because I would cry at least once a week about something before I was pregnant, but for some reason those hormones made me more stable!

  6. That was THE.BEST.BLOG! I knew from the minute you told me that you two are going to be awesome parents. You're awesome people so it naturally follows. Keep posting. I love reading all about your planning and gagging and rearranging. Since I can't be there to watch the change/growth, I'll do it through your blog. Love you guys!