Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive

The nasty emails and threats of bodily harm have sunk in...I finally put together the baby blog some all of you requested.

Here's the deal: I blog, you comment. Deal? :)

I've actually tried putting together a blog for the past few weeks, but, being the perfectionist I am, I spent more time (like, hours) searching for the perfect blog design and gave up because I didn't see anything I liked.

While in the shower this morning, I figured I had better just start one, even if it looks simple and not all colorful and pretty and organized and, well, me-ish.

Obviously, I waited until I got OUT of the shower to actually start the blog ;)

We're almost 12 weeks along. I'll say "we" a lot because I certainly am not going through this alone. Hubs has been absolutely wonderful through the trying-to-conceive (or "TTC" as those of who have been trying for a while come to call it) and now through the first few weeks of pregnancy. It's not MY baby, it's OUR baby.

I feel great. I feel really, really good. I'm sleeping well. I'm eating well :) A few times a day, I'll dry heave, but I don't feel nauseous and I don't actually get sick, so I'm perfectly fine with gagging.

A few things:

  1. I'm freaked out by the floating baby in the side bar ---> but it's a good way to keep up with how far along we are, so Virtual Bubs is here to stay
  2. Surprisingly, I am NOT (yet) freaked out by the labor and delivery process (I plan on observing the Amy method of birthing, to be explained in a future post)
  4. I'm disappointed in my current eating habits and hope to change those without sacrificing too much of the things that help me feel like a human being (mostly chocolate donuts- those aren't going anywhere)
  5. I'm not at all put off by unsolicited pregnancy/birthing/parenting advice. Although that may change over the next few months, I'm so freaking excited to be pregnant that I'll talk about it with anyone who wants to share their knowledge and experience with me (caveat being bad labor stories- there's no room in my life for those.)
  6. I have the BEST FRIENDS in the world. So much has already been given to us- love and support being paramount, but also material goods, such as LOADS of very comfortable maternity clothes (Lisa, Jennie, THANK YOU!) goods such as a Graco travel system, swings, seats, and a lot of other things that I can't mentally picture what they are (thanks AMY for the baby stuff!).
  7. I've only cried once so far. That story to come later.
There is it. The first post of many on this amazing journey we've started. Thanks to those who kept up the pressure for me to actually start the blog. Now that it's here, I promise it'll be a part of my daily life. Cheryl told me that one of the best things she did while pregnant was keep a blog.

Oh, and my next post is about all of the organizing I've done thus far. Hold on kids, you're going to love it as much as I do!

P.S. Not sure when I'll post belly pics. At this point, I feel bigger, but I mostly attribute that to the fact that I stopped sucking in my belly fat about a month ago so although it looks like I'm bigger, I'm really not. I've just become terrible at hiding what I've been carrying around for years. Give me a few weeks, then I'll post (and then you can "oh" and "aw" at how "big" I am :)... at that point, it'll be more believable that it's because of Bubs.....)

Much love to you all!


  1. I thought my keyboard felt a little damp when I was reading this blog. Dry off before blogging the next time!

  2. Woo hoo! TWO shout-outs in the first entry! I feel loved. :) I am SO EXCITED that you are blogging throughout this pregnancy! Can't wait to read more!

  3. I am thrilled you have started this blog!

  4. I'm so excited to "be there" with you along this new journey!! :)