Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I feel pregnant

Today is the first day that I feel pregnant (physically, in my belly). It came right after lunch where I actually didn't eat too much food (I had a business luncheon where there was a buffet so I had a salad, green beans, 1/2 of a roll, and a small spoonful of Au gratin potatoes). I get to socializing and don't eat very much (I am my father's daughter, after all). The main course was fried chicken and that didn't sound good so I stuck mostly with green beans and the salad.

I was driving back to the office and my stomach felt very full, like I ate too much. And, it was harder/tighter than it's ever been.

I'm wondering if part of it is mental...during the meeting, many people came up to me to ask how I was feeling and had questions about how the pregnancy is going and such. Of course, that gets me thinking about the pregnancy (sometimes I go for hours not thinking about anything baby related...but that mostly just happens when I'm at work and have others things I HAVE to do).

So, whether it's mental or not, the fact remains that I feel pregnant today.

And I love it.

And, Hubs said my stomach looks bigger, too!

I'm still feeling pretty good. The gagging has been occurring more frequently over the past few days. It happens regularly at work now (I used to be able to hide it or contain it more.... not so much anymore). Poor Jill... she walked into my office at the exact moment that I gagged. I didn't realize she had come in but then I turned around and she just had this stunned look on her face.

I've received some great suggestions through comments ya'll are leaving. Bob suggested I write in a journal that eventually would be given to Bubs...I really like that idea. I"ll have to keep a separate journal, though, as Cheryl suggested since there may be things I want to write down that I'll never want our child to know!

Hubs is smack dab in the midst of an allergy attack so he hasn't been sleeping nor feeling well. I wish I could help him feel better. I've never had allergies and never knew what they were like until after we married. It's like having a cold for weeks at a time. Excessive drainage,'s miserable.

On the flip side, I have been sleeping REALLY well and I didn't have to get up to pee last night until 6am! SCORE!

We have a three day weekend coming up and we plan on hitting the baby stuff pretty hard this weekend. We have to make room in the storage room so things can start coming down stairs and out of the nursery.

Again, Hubs has no idea what he's in for :)

And, in case you're wondering, we're sticking with our newly established Valentine's Day plans: Dinner at IHOP with Scott, Robin, Jennie, Ben followed by ice cream cupcakes at Scott and Robins. Breakfast for dinner AND ice cream cupcakes? HEAVEN.

Hope all is well with you.

Until next time...XOXO.

Oh, PS- I promise to post a belly pic within the next 10 days. Pinky promise.


  1. I remember when I was first pregnant with Becca, I would go long periods of time and then have a random "OMG, I'm pregnant!" thought.

  2. Awwww, feeling pregnant! YAY!!!

    Can I make a request?? I keep thinking, "Okay, how many weeks is she now??" And I see that your little floating Bubs tells how many days are left, but could we get a ticker that says how many weeks you are or something???? Thanks, love!!! :):):)

  3. YAY for feeling pregnant! Just wait until that bump is growing and you can really feel it.

    Have fun at IHOP!

  4. I don't see a belly pic Jess!