Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hurry Up...And Wait

Got done meeting with Dr. T this morning. He checked Jess and found that the induction has been working, but not as quickly as he had hoped. He estimates that she is currently about 3 - 4 cm dilated. As such, he is going to give her pitocin to hopefully help speed up the process. He is also starting her on Magnesium Sulfate to help with her blood pressure. Fingers crossed that this works.

As anyone who knows Jess or has talked to her about the pregnancy should be well aware, she is anxiously awaiting the seemingly elusive epidural. Not sure when this will take place, but I can promise that anyone within a 10-mile radius of the hospital will know from the screams of joy emanating from this luxurious hospital room when it has happened.

Food just arrived so our princess is at least getting to eat before the long day ahead of her. I am sure that Buttered Toast and Frosted Flakes has never tasted so good!

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. Jess says "Hi" to everyone and is eagerly looking forward to introducing our precious little one as soon as she can.


  1. You mean the epidural she had when she found out she was pregnant has finally worn off?

  2. Epidurals are a pregnant gals best friend. Also chicken fried steak.

    Thinking of you!

    thanks for the updates!

  3. If I remember correctly, Coyote Ugly and a heating pad put her in a coma-like state... try that!! :) Thinking of you both - I mean all THREE of you. Lots of love!!!!

  4. Great updates Craig! Keep them coming! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!


  5.'s been 2 hours. How are we doing?

  6. She is really doing very well even without the epidural. We are so proud of her. Bubs will certainly be here today! How excited are we??

  7. Go Jess!

    I am sure the epidural will happen soon. I got mine when I was about 4 cm.

    Breathe, girlfriend, breathe!

  8. Bring on the bubs! :) Anxiously awaiting &praying for ya, mama!!!!
    Jess S.

  9. Did they let you eat lunch or arevyou stuck eating ice chips now?

  10. Just stopping by to see if Bubs has made his/her appearance yet!