Sunday, June 27, 2010

I promise

I promise we're having a baby for more reasons than "Jessica gets to perpetually organize and reorganize everything."

But, I have to admit, this planning for baby is right up my alley.

Within the next week or so Before the baby arrives, I'm going to video the nursery so you can see it and also so you can look at some of the thought I put into the organization of it. I realize that no matter what I plan out now, everything is subject to change after Bubs arrives. But in the meantime, I like to think that everything will stay nice and organized in there ;)

Other things we've done to organize and plan for after the baby:

- Updated our contact list with family and friends current addresses

- Purchased clear labels to print out for when we get the birth announcements done (I'll probably print the labels before Bubs arrives, just have a few more addresses to confirm before I do that)

- Cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen in anticipation of Bubs nursing/bottle needs

- Set up the pack'n'play in the living room

- Purchased a large basket to keep in the living room that will store diapers, cream, wipes, etc since we will be spending a good amount of time on the main floor (baby's room is 14 stairs, so I don't plan on hiking it upstairs to nurse and change Bubs)

- Organized thank you cards and stationary to send out to everyone that will inevitably offer us TONS of help us in the first few weeks

- Laundered every piece of clothing (new and used) we've already received (which is surprisingly a lot considering we don't know if Bubs is a boy or a girl)

- Laundered every piece of bedding, every blanket, and every sock/mitten we've received (well, I haven't washed the adorable Halloween knit had that Susie gave us nor have I washed the pumpkin hat that Sarah knitted for us as a shower gift- both are stinking adorable)

- Purchased a trash bin that we're using as a laundry hamper to eventually store clothes that no longer fit (it's currently labeled as 0-3 months, so whenever Bubs outgrows a certain piece of clothing, we'll just throw it into the hamper in the closet and be done with it)

Still left to do:

- Purchase stamps for announcements and thank you cards/notes of appreciation (I want to stockpile so I have them when I need them and don't have to delay getting them done b/c I ran out)

- Put together the A B C's that Lauren (my sister-in-love) made for us for our baby shower (which match our crib bedding set)

- Label (inside, of course), the drawers in the changing table with which sizes are which (we've received so many clothes that we already having sleepers/onesies up to size 9 months)

I'll also take a video of our baby notebook where we keep our to-do list, ideas, magazine cut outs, resources/pamphlets, gift receipts, etc. Connie and Crystal (Pink Lucy) will especially like that video tour :) Both are big list makers and binder gals like yours truly ;)

Until then, XOXO...


  1. Babies are GREAT excuses for organizing....and you will be doing it for the next 20 years. Babies HATE organization and will undo everything you do...every single day.

  2. I am totally saving this post for when Johan and I have to prepare for a baby.