Sunday, June 27, 2010

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for places (either brick and mortar or online) to get birth announcements made?

I know what I want it to say and I envision two pics of Bubs on the announcement.

I recently got a Shutterfly announcement in the mail, but the text was blurry. Maybe it was just one out of the 100's they probably ordered, but I was surprised it wasn't clear print. Is Shutterfly pretty reliable?

The online place I wanted to use (where we've had our Christmas cards made the past 4 years) closed up shop :(

I also already know what I want it to say (including the date *wink wink* wishful thinking). I also wonder how "6 lbs 4 oz" looks using Lucida Handwriting font #prayingforasmallbaby


  1. I've used before and they have birth announcements. I've used Shutterfly a lot this year and I haven't been disappointed!

  2. We used eBay - lots of options, and very quick. Didn't have any issues with them at all, and a lot of them (if I remember correctly) included envelopes and return address labels to match the announcement.

  3. I believe that Walgreens has birth announcements that you can "design" online. Just check their photo shop area. I'm pretty sure you just upload a photo to a template and enter pertinent information. I think the cost includes envelopes.