Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pregnancy card

I totally just played the pregnancy card for the first time ever.

During a brunch I hosted at our house yesterday, our A/C decided to go out. By the time everyone left our house, it was 84 degrees. YUCK!

Last night Hubs and I slept in the basement it was SO MISERABLE up stairs last night.

I called a local company first thing this AM (one that has worked on our AC/furnace before) and they couldn't get us in until "sometime" tomorrow.

Well, we also had a plumber here this AM to fix vibrating pipes and he, of course, had to work in the heat (inside). I asked if his company did heating/cooling and he said they did. He also took a look at the unit and has a few ideas of whats wrong. Anyway, he left and I waited about 5 mins to call his company to schedule the appt.

I called and at first the gal said they had nothing for today and asked about tomorrow. I told her I guess that was fine, but that it was 87 degrees in the house and I wasn't sure I could take it much longer. She said, "did you say 87 degrees?" "yes ma'am. It's 87 degrees in our house."

And then I said it, "and being in my third trimester of pregnancy, this is REALLY not fun."

"Um, how about between 10-noon."


"Yes, today. We can be there in a few hours."

"I'll take it!"

I immediately got onto Facebook and liked their company page :)

I'm now sitting in the basement of our house typing this and my wrists are sticking to the laptop as I type.


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